VTC EKPEDEFTIKI PAREMVASI as part of the project “Training of unemployed in certified Vocational Training Centres 2006-2008” collaborated with O. P. ASPOR s.c.r.l., in Crotone, Italy. O.P. ASPOR s.c.r.l. has extensive experience in the coordination and implementation of national and European programs, gave the possibility to 161 unemployed trainees from 7 Greek cities to visit Crotone in Calabria region in Italy, where depending on the training subject, they got familiar with the new technology applications. The visit of the trainees in the country of transnational partner was implemented in three different trips in 2008, lasting five days each and implemented 30 hours of theoretical courses, helped them to witness the applications of modern techniques in various fields (IT, agricultural, technical) in theoretical and practical level visits to the region’s companies.